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LOL @ this learn the basics of neuroanatomy for kids vid…


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Prosperity Tribe

The Prosperity Tribe is a group coaching programme and on-line community group of like mind souls focused on personal development applied to all aspects related to leading a more prosperous life, it’s lead by husband and wife coaching team David Morelli and Kristin Morelli. David & Kristin are co-hosts of the popular Everything Is Energy radio show and are both self made millionaires who each have their own unique stories as to how they got to where they are today, but in common they both came from relatively ordinary backgrounds, struggled their way through various life situations whilst discovering and applying the personal growth tools and techniques that helped them to triumph and succeed along the way which they generously dedicate their time to share with fellow members of this community. Membership of the Prosperity Tribe community is renewed through a continuous monthly subscription fee which can be easily terminated with no further hassles at any time should you no longer wish to continue, but I can sincerely say that having been an on-going member since the very start of this programme in July 2009 that it has been truly worth the $97 a month subscription fee. There is usually a special offer price on the occasions when the doors get re-opened for an intake of new members to join, this Tuesday 9th March just so happens to be one of those windows of opportunity – click here to find out more…

There are a number of distinctions and features which I have not come across as all being available from just one single programme when comparing other competing coaching programmes, which is my main reason for being such a long term member! The main theme of this programme is for participants to build upon skills and behaviours which are congruent for sustainable long term prosperity. Prosperity and abundance in this context could mean financial prosperity, but could also mean prosperity and success in the context of our social or business relationships, or even of prosperity as perceived in our mind and spirit. Time is given over to the inner work or personal growth aspects, so that subconscious blocks can be cleared out, but what’s unique here is that this approach is not another Law of Attraction influenced based training programme. Even those that have done a lot of personal development work in the past have found the approaches used here to be novel, previously hidden issues unearthed plus the very light hearted, dynamic and intuitive way that each coaching session is led brings about a uniquely supportive appeal to the experience. The other distinction and a big one for me personally is that a decent amount of time is also given over to the outer work as well, in this case it’s practical and very down to earth step-by-step examples of generating alternative sources of income, past trainings have included using social media to generate income from affiliate programs and creating podcasts as an alternative vehicle for marketing and selling your expertise to a wider audience. All previous training calls are archived and available for download at any time from the community forum website.

The community forum website is a resource that can be leveraged to support your process and journey as much as you feel inspired to make use of it. For example, it’s possible to not only share insights, breakthroughs and challenges when chatting to other like-minded members on the forum, but other possibilities could also present themselves like doing a joint venture project with a team, or teaming up with another member so that you can be each other’s accountability partners. The range of backgrounds of people who are members is very diverse, so there is bound to be a good match or a mutually beneficial match that you had not thought of before. To name but a few examples, there are members who are life coaches, alternative and complementary health practitioners, artists, musicians, photographers, authors, entrepreneurs, office workers, etc. Each at varying stages in their particular journey, some may have only just begun with a vague idea of where they’re going or maybe in contrast already be on their way to success but is wanting to up their game a notch or few.

For those who enjoy or who are in anyway metaphysical or spiritual in inclination, there is also opportunity to participate in individual as well as whole community group intentions and meditations during each call.

Even though this is a group coaching programme it is also possible to be more interactive with your coaches David & Kristin. There are 3 live coaching calls every month where a particular theme or topic will be covered, and live interaction is possible by submitting questions and comments through typing these in through your computer when connected to the webcast session on the live weekly calls which you’ll be given the access details to. Also, after each live call, David & Kristin answer questions and interact live on the website forum with members. Depending upon diary space availability extra private coaching sessions can also be booked sometimes and have also been offered as prize give aways on previous occasions. Finally, video messages from David & Kristin are also emailed to you in-between each of the weekly coaching calls to keep you motivated, to remind you of that week’s homework exercises and keep you in touch with all that is going on in the community.

This is a personal recommendation for this product / service from someone who has tried and tested it, rather than someone who is only selling for the sake of selling, although I will be getting affiliate commission for each paid sign up but so will you also have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions if you decide to join the community. Register and listen to the absolutely no-cost free live call this Tuesday 9th March at 5pm PST (or the recording which will be available afterwards if you can’t make the live call) where you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether this community is for you. I’ll definitely be listening in as even though the main aim of the call is to introduce new members to the format, new tools are being previewed for the first time and it will from past experience of other such free preview calls be as equally as valuable as the normal private paid for calls members get to experience.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback or pass on the word to your friends and contacts if you find value here!

Here’s the link gain access to the further information and to register for the free 45 minute call:

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West Country Massage Association Meeting

Today I attended the first biannual meeting of the year of the West Country Massage Association (here after which will referred to as the WMA).  The WMA is made of members who have trained   and qualified in massage or another recognized bodywork therapy qualification.  Most members of the WMA are alumni of The School of Complementary Health based here in Exeter, but membership applications are welcomed from people who have trained with any recognized provider of alternative and complementary health training whether within the west country region of the UK or not.  The catchment area for attendees at a typical meeting is usually made of folks mainly coming from south and mid Devon, but there are or have been members at meetings who have travelled from Cornwall or Somerset.  The format of a typical meeting consists of 2 guests speakers  along with a break for tea and cake in-between the first and second speakers, finally there is an any other business opportunity slot right at the very end plus lots of opportunity to socialize and network during the breaks as well as before the start and at the very end of the meetings.

The guest speakers are usually practitioners of an alternative or complementary health therapy modality who give us a theoretical as well usually a practical overview of what they do.  Alternatively, the guest speaker could also be talking about some other subject which practitioners might be interested in such as practice management, marketing, new approaches, etc.

Today’s first speaker was an acupuncturist who had initially trained as a registered nurse before deciding to undergo a 3 year degree program in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) based acupuncture at Westminster University in London.  She continues to practice nursing alongside supplementing acupuncture in for some of her patients which has resulted in a number of successful clinical results.  We had the basic concepts of acupuncture introduced to us: the background of Chinese medicine, ying / yang balance, meridians, excess / deficiency, tongue analysis, pulse taking, needling, as well as various other approaches of point stimulation including moxibustion and cupping.  Most of this introductory theory I was familiar with from my Shiatsu training.  An interesting side note which I took away from this presentation which will mean something to those who understand this, but if not don’t worry just let it pass on by, TCM and 5 element are 2 distinct schools and approaches to acupuncture – I always thought that 5 element was a subset of TCM?  I have yet to try out a moxibustion or cupping treatment myself, but sounds very pleasant and goes on my growing list of bodywork treatments to experience in the future.

After the intermission for tea and cake, the second speaker were a husband and wife team who run a local complementary health practice and between them have experience in Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga and sports massage.  Nutrition was the main focus of this particular presentation, and whilst I decided long ago that this wasn’t an area I’d be particularly interested in specializing in, I have casually studied the various popular approaches as an occasional tasks running in the background.  Perhaps not to my surprise, I found huge contradictions between the various well respected authors on “what to eat” or “what is a healthy diet” which has only served to reinforce my own personal opinion that diet and nutrition falls much lower down the hierarchy of health addressable areas in a person than some advocates might otherwise suggest.  Having said that the type of approach to nutrition and food intake as advocated by our second set of speakers I found to be very much in agreement with my personally beliefs.  I’m not so much a fan of subscribing to a diet, where everyone can eat this, can’t eat that or worst of all deny themselves of a particular food that they’ll end up craving for an extended period of time.  So called dieting and the approach of denying our bodies something usually ends in failure as craving builds up to a head and we eventually crash in some way.

The Ayurvedic approach to nutrition is a constitution centred approach to food in take.  A constitution based approach says that it’s what we are actually absorbing through digestion from the foods which has a much bigger overall effect on our health than the isolated food items themselves that we are consuming, or put another way if we aren’t properly absorbing or digesting efficiently what we’re eating then no “healthy diet plan” that hasn’t been tailored to our own very individual constitution, metabolism and digestion needs is ever going to make a difference.  As much as we are individuals with varying personalities and personal preferences, so this recognition of diversity is equally applicable to our constitution and digestive systems.  To determine what type of constitution you have requires no more than a single visit to suitably qualified nutrition therapist who works in this way, in this case we happen to be talking about an Ayurvedic nutrition practitioner.  The practitioner will having discovered their client’s basic constitution type will then go on to educate the client in what effects certain foods have on that person’s constitution and digestive system.  Armed with this information that client is then able to make self informed choices and self monitor the feedback from their own bodies that their own food choices have.  This awareness may take some time for the client to become accustomed to tuning into, but ultimately it is designed to be self empowering and allows the client to experience what works for them as an invidual having been armed with the basic knowledge of their particular constitution and considerations thereof.  This type of system does not prescribe what exactly to eat (or not to eat) in terms of a diet traditional plan.  This approach allows also for the occasional mistake or over indulgence to be made, it’s OK, there is no need to constantly beat oneself up with stick over it, and to realize that we can give even more empowerment to ourselves by realizing that we can be responsible for rewarding ourselves for when we get things right.  The nutrition therapist’s role in this type of system is to merely coach and facilitate awareness rather than to prescribe.  This is very much the approach I prefer to take with my own clients too in regards to the bodywork therapies that I do i.e. to introduce the awareness of a new possibility and then for them to self manage from there and with further coaching to stay connected to that awareness as well as doing further self discovery themselves if necessary.
What we are thinking about when we’re eating it was proposed also plays a more significant role in our digestion and (mal-)absorption than what it is that we’re eating, another factor I’m very much in agreement with, so for example do you have thoughts of pleasure or guilt in your mind as you eat something?  What can of stress or environmental conditions do you eat under?

To end with, we were introduced to a little bit of standing, but mainly some sitting yoga moves which helped us check in with our bodies and that to self assess our postures were evenly balanced and aligned.  Some interesting exercises which I will see if I can find some examples of on youtube which will save me type a thousand or so words here!

Our 2nd set of guest speakers also talked about a new service that they had just set-up in their Totnes based clinic to offer alternative / complementary therapies to sufferers of chronic conditions such as MS who were on low incomes but who needed at least weekly if not twice weekly therapy sessions for things to be anywhere near effective.   In these cases, a contribution would be acceptable according to the amount the client could afford to pay toward each session.

All in all, a very informative half day and was great to share and network with some other like minds too.

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Beyond Belief – The Movie

Embark on a journey of expanded awareness Beyond Belief. This innovative film reveals the role beliefs and the subconscious mind play in creating your experience.  Uncover the source of limiting beliefs that stop you from fulfilling your dreams.  Beyond Belief presents tools to help you remove the  obstacles that are blocking you.

Discover the powerful resources you have buried deep inside. Unleash the potential of your creative mind. Wake up…to your dream life.

Beyond Belief features some of the top authors, researchers, scientists, teachers, psychologists, personal transformation experts, healers, and spiritual leaders in the world.

Experts from the films The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know join inspiring leaders in delivering a powerful message that will transform your life.

Featured Experts:  Jack Canfield, Julia Cameron, Robert Dilts, Bob Doyle, Jonathan Ellerby, Stewart Emery, Timothy Freke, Amit Goswami, Christina Hall, David R. Hamilton, Maisha Hazzard, Elaine Hendrix, Tad James, Adriana James, Bruce Lipton, Brad Morris, Judith Orloff, Greta Sesheta, Marci Shimoff, Sandra Anne Taylor, James Twyman, Joe Vitale, Cheryl J. Ward, and Dr. Darren Weissman.

<<Click on link to view the trailer>>

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Seededbuzz – Blog Recommendation –

Just joined This is a relatively new blogger’s community where all members have the ability to cross publicize each other’s between ourselves. The ability to post up individual links to new posts on your site on an on-going basis is determined by a points system, points are awarded every time you promote someone else’s blog directly on your own blog site. Available blogs and associated ideas for discussion initiation are categorized according to categorized subject areas of interest.

So every now and again I will be dedicating a post where I’ll be recommending another blogger’s site that you may be interested in if you’ve been following mine.

Here’s the inaugural from Nancy who is a lawyer, mother, wife, musician, soon to be student of massage therapy training, daily expression of gratitude plus a few more hats that we didn’t quite have the space on the stand to squeeze in:

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Henry Tang – Therapeutic & Advanced Clinical Massage Practitioner (Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia)

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