Freeing up the shoulder and opening up the rib cage!

3 May, 2010 at 22:32 1 comment

Treated a client today who came in barely able to internally rotate her right shoulder girdle and had given up doing even light exercise due to stiffness all the way down the back as well pain next to the shoulder blade which onsets when reaching her arm up.

We worked on the major shoulder girdle muscles, in particular worked on Teres Minor which was very tense and tender at both attachment points (i.e. outside edge of shoulder blade half way down and top of the arm – to use non technical anatomical descriptions) . Also did fascial release work on serratus anterior muscle on the side of the rib cage. Client was feeling slight burning or crackling sensations as the taught and dehydrated connective tissue (fascia) began to yield and begin to give us back some flexibility to allow movement to happen more freely. We ended up with greatly improved range of movement afterwards.

Wondered and asked client if she suffered with asthma as the intercostal muscles in-between the outside surface of the ribs seemed very restricted from what I was able to palpate (feel) during the time that we were working on serratus anterior, she confirmed that she did have asthma. I explained that there is a set of techniques I can perform on her during a series of future sessions in order to free up the currently restricted muscles and soft tissues of the rib cage which will help ease the asthma and help free up the breathing making it become less shallow.


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