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Open your mind to Natural Cancer Treatments [article by guest writer]

Today’s world is controlled by technology, medications you can’t pronounce, and the symbol of the “white coat” doctor. It seems that as time goes on people lose their connection with nature more and more. This should not be the case.
Nature’s interactions with the body surpass any doctor’s. Nature has been around since the dawn of time, way before any medical profession. Which makes me wonder why so many people are turned off to the idea of trying a natural therapy rather than undergoing a destructive procedure?
For example, being diagnosed with cancer is a life-altering experience. At that moment, when the doctor comes in and tells you the news, your whole life and future race before your eyes. Your heart starts racing, you start to stress, and a million emotions flood your brain. Then in a few days you start treatment, and it is scary at first. Nurses take your blood, doctors talk about radiation, chemotherapy, and many more unsettling words. And you listen and believe them. Why? Because this man/woman has white coat and you trust anything they say.


Let’s look at this in a different light. You get diagnosed with cancer. All those things previously stated happened, but this time instead of undergoing conventional treatment, you first go to a reiki master, an herbalist, a Nia-dance instructor, or to a masseuse. This sounds more relaxing, more enjoyable, right? This is because natural therapies are there to support and aid the body’s naturally healing process. The human body is a well-oiled machine and has been combating diseases for centuries; it knows what it’s doing.

Some might scoff at these statements but there are many clinical trials and studies that prove that natural therapies, either used alternatively or complimentary, aid the body in fighting cancer. And this isn’t just for one type of cancer. There are alternative treatments ranging from skin cancer to rarer forms, like mesothelioma or an adenoid cystic carcinoma. Not only are naturally therapies less stressful or invasive, but they improve and work with your body’s natural healing process. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, natural therapies don’t wear you down and are not poisonous. So why not go out and try something new. Enjoy life and cherish what your body has to offer.

The above article is entirely and wholly the opinion of our guest author, please address any specific concerns directly to the author (see contact details below) who kindly offered the above text as a contributory article on this blog
Allison Brooks

About the guest author…
My name is Allison Brooks and I am a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi. I earned my B.S. in Biomedical Anthropology and have continued my research to work towards a completed ethnography. I mainly focus on the effects of biomedicalization on different cultures and their use of natural therapies, but I do branch off into other fields of anthropology.


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