Energy Transformation Coaching

Feeling stuck or in need of inspiration in order to get you moving on in a specific area of your life? Get unstuck and in rapport with real possibilities in 45 minutes or less! Book an Energy Transformation Coaching session or the exponential power of a series of sessions, there’s no substitute for experiencing this at first-hand for yourself!

Energy Transformation Coaching is different from most traditional life coaching systems you may have come across or experienced… Here’s 3 reasons why…

1. Identify and work at the roots of the issue instead of on the surface, get results faster because you’re looking at what commonly connects related things rather than looking at each isolated component in turn.

2. Your body is made up of electrical energy fields. Releasing the resistance and increasing electrical flow potential within our bodies through the practice of using “energy tools” which you’ll learn through participating, increases our awareness, our thinking, our feeling, our sensing and our intuitive abilities.

3. Unblock your energy flow and get in touch with your passion, your inspiration and your ability to move forward, through use of “energy tools”.

Book your complementary 45 minute taster session today for that first hand experience!

Personal transformation, healing and evolution can happen in an instant when the essence of who you really are is seen and validated, and when you are provided with the self help tools that truly empower yourself to dissolve those blocks that were previously in your way, and which prevented you from seeing and feeling the true potential power within yourself!

All session conducted over the phone or via Skype.  The invitation is open to all international friends as I can call your landline if you don’t have Skype.  Contact Henry today for more information now on…

Skype: henryctang



Click the button to below now to book an appointment with me…

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Latest Testimonials…

“I wanted to share with everyone that I took Henry up on his generous offer of a reading & coaching session and to sum up: WOW!  It was amazing how he was able to succinctly summarize things I was having difficulty explaining and doing so a very round about way. I’m sure it’s a combination of all he’s learned from Kristin & David Morelli and natural talents that’s helped him to be very insightful & intuitive with kindness & gentleness. He helped me realize something very important to my own growth & ongoing work with energy & letting go of old habits. Thank You Henry!!!”
Debbie Gadbois

“Thanks again for the wonderful session. I’ve been reflecting on it all day. It was an incredible day too just feeling relaxed, happy, and just ‘going with the flow’. I experienced great connection to source. It’s so helpful to have someone guide me through the subconscious terrain so that I can navigate through the blocks and upper limits.”
Leslie Ashburn
Macrobiotic Chef

Catherine Foster
Artist and Energy Coach

“Henry was able to tune into where I am energetically around the issue of money.  The short time we spent on the phone gave me a much better sense of the old beliefs that are holding me back in terms of financial prosperity.  I would highly recommend Henry!”

More testimonials will appear right here soon, check back regularly!

Check back here again soon or contact me for more information and to get your questions answered right now!


2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Daniela Horder  |  21 May, 2011 at 07:24

    So many people would benefit by some coaching. Especially after their life has been changed by a healing which starts them on their way but they still need support to ensure they keep going on their new path.
    Great work!

    • 2. Henry Tang  |  22 May, 2011 at 23:17

      Thanks Daniela, that’s so true what you’re saying re the on-going support. It’s often forgotten about or people don’t think they need support any longer because they’ve just broken through and now believe that’s that, but it’s precisely at this stage that some kind of supportive momentum is required to prevent any kind of back slide of self sabotage that might unconsciously creep in!


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