June 2010

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ISCA Therapies

June 2010 Newsletter

  • Join us and try us, for your 15 minute taster session
  • Competition time, your chance to win in the new monthly prize draws
  • Learn more about what we do and how we could help you, read our in depth blog articles
  • Welcome to our first newsletter of summer 2010. We hope you are fit and well and have been enjoying the recent spell of warm sunshine.

    Things have been busy behind the scenes here at ISCA Therapies as we’ve been setting up our presence on various social media internet sites in order to better serve and provide as many opportunities for clients to interact with us and be kept informed about our activities.  As a result, we’ve been neglecting to send out regular email newsletter updates in favor of educational and informational articles distributed through our blog instead.  But just in case for those of you who haven’t visited our main website recently you’ll probably have been unaware of these new projects, so we’ll be taking this opportunity to update those of you who have been wondering about updates!

    Meet us at The Picture House Cinema in Exeter on Mon 7 Jun 2010

    Basalt Massage Stones

    Why not come along and meet us for your well earned session of wind down and de-stress through massage? We’ll be in the upstairs bar area at The Picture House Cinema in Exeter, (Bartholomew Street, EX4 3AJ) between 7pm and 11pm.

    I’ll be there providing 15 minute seated chair massage taster sessions for £10 a go. As a special bonus, I’ll also be incorporating into your demo time the deeply penetrating and soothing warmth from heated basalt massage stones that easily melt and glide through muscle tension.

    There will also be live entertainment courtesy of The Vibe Extravaganza event which we have been invited to be a part of.  The entertainment will be in the form of live music, story telling and various art exhibits with the artists themselves in attendance.  Invite your friends and come along for what promises to be an evening out with a difference, be chilled and have your senses entertained, in whichever order you’d care to do that in!

    In it to win it

    If you are reading this email it means that you are in with a chance of winning a prize in our brand new monthly prize draw competition!  All existing and future subscribers to our email newsletter will be automatically entered into the current month’s prize draw.  The first winner will be drawn at the end of June.  You can also increase your chances of winning, every time you book a treatment session with us, so another ticket with your name on it (plus any other entries that you may already have in the pot that month) also goes into the bowl of entered prize draw tickets.  The prize each month will be either a book, CD or DVD relating to natural healthcare, or it could be a gift voucher.  Tell your friends and family about this competition too, they can enroll via the email newsletter subscription form on the front page of our main website – www.isca-therapies.co.uk

    Our blog, your resource

    As mentioned above, the aim is to have regular informative and educational material that informs people about what we are about here at ISCA Therapies, this will be disseminated through regular articles posted in the blog.  The 2 articles that we would want everyone to read who hasn’t already read them are the ones introducing you to trigger points and myofascial release.  I would also encourage you to do some of your own research into the efficacy of these 2 very rich areas often hardly known about in conventional medicine but on the other hand have been in the tool boxes of practitioners of soft tissue therapy and clinical massage and certain osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists who successfully make use of this knowledge.  They are certainly 2 fundamental approaches to soft tissue pain management which we work with and use in parallel time and time again with clients yielding results that they wouldn’t usually get elsewhere.

    That’s all for now folks…

    As always, if you ever have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to get in contact with me personally.

    Book your complementary 20 minute phone consultation today if you’ve not yet had your initial appointment with us.  Advanced book for in person appointments is now highly recommended in order to guarantee the best and most convenient times to suit you.  Get in contact either by calling on 07970 020204 or simply just by replying to this email.

    Till next time…  Namaste!



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