September 2010 (2) – Last Email Newsletter

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ISCA Therapies

Last Ever Email Newsletter!!

  • Why we have decided that this is going to be our final email newsletter?
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Refer a new client to us and we’ll give a you complementary treatment voucher
  • Welcome to our last ever email newsletter!

    …But don’t worry, ISCA Therapies isn’t going anywhere, just yet!!  It’s business as usual and we continue to welcome our existing as well as prospective clients into our premises for clinical massage and remedial bodywork therapy here in Exeter as before.  We are located about a mile north of the city centre in a quiet tree lined residential area with free customer parking.

    We are now concentrating our efforts on working with our exclusive referral partners and gaining private client work with people who have an interest or connection with sports and athletics.

    We continue our case study based research and successful tailor made programs with people who are being referred to us for chronic back pain, and especially lower back pain conditions.

    Why we have decided that this is going to be our final email newsletter?

    Take Our Survey
    Simply put, the poll results from our recent anonymous on-line survey unanimously showed that this email newsletter would not be missed by its current subscribership if it were to be discontinued. Therefore, as of this edition, the ISCA Therapies email newsletter as it stands in its current format will be no more.  We will be of course naturally diverting the time and financial resources formerly used in producing this email newsletter into instead improving our business and services to you in other ways.

    If you are currently receiving and reading this email newsletter, and wish to continue receiving regular bulletin updates from ISCA Therapies as well as invaluable natural health advice then please go to our blog and subscribe to receive updates from there. Your email details will be automatically and safely deleted from this service and will not be automatically transferred across to any other systems as we close down this service and close down our account with AWeber whom we have used to provide this email newsletter service.

    Pregnancy Massage

    Do you know someone who is pregnant? Are they (or perhaps it is you) aware of the benefits of specially adapted massage for the mid and later stages of pregnancy? Back pain, stiff neck and swollen or stiff upper legs are of course common among pregnant ladies. There is no need to just put up with all of this! Pregnancy massage is a safe and proven style of massage that not only helps you (or your pregnant partner, family member or friend) ease their muscular aches and pains, but also helps tremendously in the alleviation of stress and sooth the expectant mother to be, which of course in turn impacts immeasurably on the future unborn child as it picks up and is influenced by mum’s physical body condition as well as her stress levels and moods.

    Pregnancy massage is a specially adapted style of massage which has the client lying on their side throughout the treatment for maximum comfort and foetal safety in mind. Plenty of pillowed and elevation support is provided where needed in order for the client to remain as comfortable as possible for the duration of the session. Professional massage therapists such as us at ISCA Therapies usually undergo additional training in order to provide this specialist service to their clients. We have trained with The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training in Brighton where we have not only practised the theory in the classroom but have worked with real live pregnant mothers to be already as part of the training qualification.

    Pregnancy massage is suitable for all mums to be who are currently in their 2nd or final trimesters.

    For more information or to book an appointment contact Henry at ISCA Therapies by replying to this email or by calling him today on 07970 02020.

    Refer a new client to us and we’ll give you a complementary treatment voucher

    If you have been delighted with the service and results obtained from your treatments either very recently or in what seems like the distant past why keep the potential benefits to yourself? Instead, why not share your story through a written testimonial and/or recommend us to your friends, family members and colleagues; spread the feel good factor and help others to begin the process of unlocking their own chronic pain, old injuries and stress scenarios. We have a referral reward scheme where we reward all referees with a complementary treatment gift voucher valid for a 1 hour treatment session; this voucher is issued once the referred person has paid for and had their initial treatment session with us. Contact Henry for further details or just get the person whom you’re referring to us to mention your name when they make first contact with us.

    That’s all for now folks…

    As always, if you ever have any comments, questions or suggestions as to how we can improve our services please feel free to get in contact with me personally either by replying to this email or calling on 07970 020204.

    Claim your complementary 20 minute phone consultation today if you’ve not yet booked your initial appointment with us.

    If you’re an existing client and are happy with your experience with us, why keep it to yourself? Why not spread the benefits to those around you and recommend us to a friend, family member or colleague? We’ll reward you for doing so with a complementary treatment gift voucher valid for a 1 hour treatment if your referral results in that person booking in for a paid appointment session.

    Advanced booking for in person appointments is now highly recommended in order to guarantee the best and most convenient times to suit you. Get in contact either by calling me or simply just by replying to this email.

    Till we meet again…  Namaste!


    Tel: 07970 020204

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