September 2010

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ISCA Therapies

September 2010 Newsletter

  • Your opinion counts, please help us to help you by completing our online survey
  • Homeopathy is featured on the latest recorded edition of the health & wellbeing radio show
  • Refer a new client to us and we’ll give a you complementary treatment voucher
  • Healing With The Masters teleseminar series
  • Self help resources for lower back pain and a video about your posture
  • Welcome to our September 2010 newsletter!  Those sharp witted amongst you may have noticed that we didn’t publish a newsletter last month in August, this was due mainly to the fact that we were busy with clients as well as with one or two other projects including a very enjoyable working holiday during the first week of last month in Washington DC (USA) where I attended a Reconnective Healing training course.

    Your opinion counts, please help us to help you by completing our online survey

    Take Our Survey

    The content published in this newsletter, the content featured on our websites, the services that we provide to you our clients and our interaction with you, whether you have been a regular fee paying client or if you just enjoy the free but valuable content we like to share in order to enable as many of you to live a healthier and fuller life is all determined 100% by the feedback we get from you! If you find this newsletter service at all valuable or even if you would just to like provide any feedback to us in order to help us serve you and others like you better in the future I would like to invite you personally to fill out this totally anonymous online survey by clicking on the website link below:

    Homeopathy is featured on the latest recorded edition of the health & wellbeing radio show

    You may remember reading in the July 2010 edition of this newsletter about me joining a team panel of presenters who host the “Wellbeing & Transition Show”, a health, wellbeing, eco and sustainable living radio magazine show that’s broadcast live every Wednesday afternoon from 12 noon – 2pm on Exeter’s local community radio station Phonic FM. Phonic FM broadcasts on 106.8 FM in the Exeter city area or you can listen online on the internet through the “listen” link on the station’s main website at The weekly “Wellbeing & Transition Show” covers a wide range of different topics each week with interesting guest speakers, interviews, phone-ins, audience participation opportunities and other features mixed with a liberal sprinkling of feel good music and vibes. To see what’s coming up in future shows and to join in the conversation, why not pop along to the Wellbeing & Transition Show‘s Facebook page?  There is also an MP3 audio archive of all the previous shows so that you can listen to them again and again at any time. A recording of a show I presented on the 18th of August features an interview with local homeopath Libby Clapham, where we find out what homeopathy is and how it could benefit your healthcare quest, to listen to this interview go to the ISCA Therapies Facebook Fanpage (you don’t need to have a Facebook account in order to view this page) and click on the play button on this show’s recording.

    Refer a new client to us and we’ll give you a complementary treatment voucher

    If you have been delighted with the service and results obtained from your treatments why keep the potential benefits to yourself?  Instead why not share your story through a written testimonial and recommend us to your friends, family members and colleagues and spread the feel good factor and help others to begin the process of unlocking their own chronic pain and stress scenarios. We have a referral reward scheme where we reward all referees with a complementary treatment voucher valid for a 1 hour treatment session, this voucher is issued once the referred person has had and paid for their initial treatment session.  Contact us for further details or just get the person whom you’re referring to us to mention your name when they make first contact with us.

    Healing With The Masters teleseminar Series

    Want to listen and learn from 24 renowned experts in the fields of health, wellness and personal transformation?  You’ll want to listen to the “Healing With The Masters” teleseminar series starting on the 7th of September and ending on the 30th of November.  Each interview is recorded and available to listen to totally free of charge.  I’ve been listening and learning from this series for the past 2 years now, so this is a truly from the heart genuine personal recommendation from me!

    For a detailed description of the guest speakers on this series and to register your interest so that you can receive the required information on how to listen to the recording playbacks as they become available, read the invitation letter on our blog from your host for the series, Jennifer McLean, go to our blog by clicking here.

    Self help resources for lower back pain and a video about your posture

    There are many good sources and resources for self help material on the subject of lower back pain readily available on the internet. We have been compiling a series of articles focusing on the muscles involved in contributing to lower back pain compiled from our wide experience and those with whom we have trained with, along with some great self help videos that we’ve found through some time honored research on YouTube with exercises that can help you release and recondition those muscles back into a more ideal balance of tone.  Ultimately, a personalized series of regular remedial or clinical massage treatment sessions with us focusing on the relevant muscles and connective tissue structures involved in your particular scenario as well as perhaps some emotional stress release work will help accelerate your recovery in tandem with the recommended rehabilitation exercises.  The back pain resource page on our website will be updated periodically as new articles and resources get added when time allows, but for now click on the following webpage link to see what we have compiled for you so far over at:

    We are publishing a reminder of the above back pain resources link on our website again as we have received positive feedback from a lower back pain sufferer about the efficacy of the self advice and exercises.  Thanks for the feedback, it makes the research and type up effort worthwhile!  Please share with others and tell us how we can make it even better!

    As a further addendum this month, here’s a great video explaining why simply trying to adjust your own posture alone (like “trying” to sit up straighter or remembering to put your shoulders back or down) is just not usually enough in itself…

    That’s all for now folks…

    As always, if you ever have any comments, questions or suggestions as to how we can improve your experiences with us (fill in the anonymous survey if you have not already done so) please feel free to get in contact with me personally.

    Book your complementary 20 minute phone consultation today if you’ve not yet had your initial appointment with us.

    If you’re an existing client and are happy with your experience with us, why keep it to yourself! Why not spread the benefits to those around you and recommend us to a friend, family member or colleague?  We’ll reward you for doing so with a complementary treatment voucher valid for a 1 hour treatment if your referral results in that person booking in for a paid appointment session.

    Advanced booking for in person appointments is now highly recommended in order to guarantee the best and most convenient times to suit you.  Get in contact either by calling me on 07970 020204 or simply just by replying to this email.

    Till next time…  Namaste!


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