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Ever lost your keys…to life?

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“EVERYTHING is energy” – here’s a message from 2 of my personal mentors with whom I’ve been learning and training with in no cost as well as paid for immersion course programs over the past couple of years – they have a personal invite for you to a totally free teleseminar series where you can learn right there and then on the call how to instantly use on yourself some of the powerful self transformation tools I’ve been using just on myself initially as well as now with my own coaching clients in private practice; you’ll also begin to have your own personal experience that **everything** in this life literally is just energy vibration!  Read on…


Have you ever lost your keys, but they were right in front of you?

What I’m about to share with you is the truth, & it’s not only right in front of you, it is you.  You may at first be skeptical, but when you try it (even just ONCE) you’ll never be able to refute it.

In just five minutes of experiencing this, you’ll realize it’s a true key to life!

What is this key of life?

Everything Is Energy…(you included)

Scientists like Einstein have known this for decades…but until recently we haven’t known how to utilize it to transform our finan*ces, careers, relationships, health, or any other area.

However, it’s about to hit the mainstream…(but more importantly, these key “energy techniques” are about to be delivered to you, for F.R.E.E)

Here’s a few data points besides Einstein:

As 17.6 million people watched Oprah’s final show, guess what a main topic of her final show was…  “It’s all ENERGY!”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, probably the most famous medical doctor of our time has said,  “The Next Big Frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine.”

Quantum Physics shows us how we are part of one continuous energy field that we effect with our thoughts…literally creating matter out of light energy.

But at the forefront of this movement for utilizing energy “tools” for personal transformation are David and Kristin Morelli.

Kristin retired as a self-made multi-milli*onaire at the age of 30 (using energy practices you’ll learn here for F.R.E.E)

David went from being an emotionally constipated engineer to transforming every area of his own life using tools you’ll discover.

Together, David & Kristin Morelli, created the Everything Is Energy Radio Show which has risen to #3 behind Oprah on iTunes with 750,000 subscribers in the last two years.

Why does all this matter to you?

The Morellis have gathered the most cutting-edge transformational leaders & the most powerful “energy tools” to dramatically change your life in minutes…and it’s F.R.E.E!

You’ve simply got to go to this F.R.E.E 6-Day Event. (No travel required.) The transformation is practically done-for-you!

It’s like a 6-Day “Whole-Life Makeover” for F.R.E.E (as you rest in the comfort of your home!) They cover the areas of your life that matter most.

Here are some of the topics for the event  (6 Days, 2 topics each day):

“Incom*e Rocket:  How to Blow the Roof off of Your Incom*e Ceiling”
“How to Bend-Time & Get SH*T Done”
“10-Minutes to Endless Energy”
“Ending Intimacy Sabotage:  Secrets to creating deep connection that lasts”


“Three Steps to a Satisfying S.e.x Life”
“Passion:  Igniting the Missing “Spark” for Fulfillment”
“Tapping Into a Pain-F.r.e.e Life:  Relief that’s moments away”

And More…

The best part is that every f.r.e.e session isn’t just information…you’ll actually do the transforming RIGHT ON THE CALL!  Plus, they’re not pitching you anything on the calls…it’s actually “pitch f.r.e.e” as well as “cost f.r.e.e”.

This could be the most important event of the year to change your life forever!

Go sign up here:

I’ve experienced these tools myself and I’m obviously a raving fan.  I know you’ll love it too!


Henry Tang
(Energy Transformation Coach)

P.S.  These Quick & Easy 5-min energy tools that are SO FRICKIN’ Powerful!  You can use them no matter what situation, problem or challenge you are facing.  And let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great to have an instantly effective toolkit for difficult times?

P.P.S.  Your grandchildren will lovingly “tease” you about the days when you didn’t know this stuff.  That’s how powerful and pervasive this is about to become.  Enjoy it!

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Prosperity Tribe

The Prosperity Tribe is a group coaching programme and on-line community group of like mind souls focused on personal development applied to all aspects related to leading a more prosperous life, it’s lead by husband and wife coaching team David Morelli and Kristin Morelli. David & Kristin are co-hosts of the popular Everything Is Energy radio show and are both self made millionaires who each have their own unique stories as to how they got to where they are today, but in common they both came from relatively ordinary backgrounds, struggled their way through various life situations whilst discovering and applying the personal growth tools and techniques that helped them to triumph and succeed along the way which they generously dedicate their time to share with fellow members of this community. Membership of the Prosperity Tribe community is renewed through a continuous monthly subscription fee which can be easily terminated with no further hassles at any time should you no longer wish to continue, but I can sincerely say that having been an on-going member since the very start of this programme in July 2009 that it has been truly worth the $97 a month subscription fee. There is usually a special offer price on the occasions when the doors get re-opened for an intake of new members to join, this Tuesday 9th March just so happens to be one of those windows of opportunity – click here to find out more…

There are a number of distinctions and features which I have not come across as all being available from just one single programme when comparing other competing coaching programmes, which is my main reason for being such a long term member! The main theme of this programme is for participants to build upon skills and behaviours which are congruent for sustainable long term prosperity. Prosperity and abundance in this context could mean financial prosperity, but could also mean prosperity and success in the context of our social or business relationships, or even of prosperity as perceived in our mind and spirit. Time is given over to the inner work or personal growth aspects, so that subconscious blocks can be cleared out, but what’s unique here is that this approach is not another Law of Attraction influenced based training programme. Even those that have done a lot of personal development work in the past have found the approaches used here to be novel, previously hidden issues unearthed plus the very light hearted, dynamic and intuitive way that each coaching session is led brings about a uniquely supportive appeal to the experience. The other distinction and a big one for me personally is that a decent amount of time is also given over to the outer work as well, in this case it’s practical and very down to earth step-by-step examples of generating alternative sources of income, past trainings have included using social media to generate income from affiliate programs and creating podcasts as an alternative vehicle for marketing and selling your expertise to a wider audience. All previous training calls are archived and available for download at any time from the community forum website.

The community forum website is a resource that can be leveraged to support your process and journey as much as you feel inspired to make use of it. For example, it’s possible to not only share insights, breakthroughs and challenges when chatting to other like-minded members on the forum, but other possibilities could also present themselves like doing a joint venture project with a team, or teaming up with another member so that you can be each other’s accountability partners. The range of backgrounds of people who are members is very diverse, so there is bound to be a good match or a mutually beneficial match that you had not thought of before. To name but a few examples, there are members who are life coaches, alternative and complementary health practitioners, artists, musicians, photographers, authors, entrepreneurs, office workers, etc. Each at varying stages in their particular journey, some may have only just begun with a vague idea of where they’re going or maybe in contrast already be on their way to success but is wanting to up their game a notch or few.

For those who enjoy or who are in anyway metaphysical or spiritual in inclination, there is also opportunity to participate in individual as well as whole community group intentions and meditations during each call.

Even though this is a group coaching programme it is also possible to be more interactive with your coaches David & Kristin. There are 3 live coaching calls every month where a particular theme or topic will be covered, and live interaction is possible by submitting questions and comments through typing these in through your computer when connected to the webcast session on the live weekly calls which you’ll be given the access details to. Also, after each live call, David & Kristin answer questions and interact live on the website forum with members. Depending upon diary space availability extra private coaching sessions can also be booked sometimes and have also been offered as prize give aways on previous occasions. Finally, video messages from David & Kristin are also emailed to you in-between each of the weekly coaching calls to keep you motivated, to remind you of that week’s homework exercises and keep you in touch with all that is going on in the community.

This is a personal recommendation for this product / service from someone who has tried and tested it, rather than someone who is only selling for the sake of selling, although I will be getting affiliate commission for each paid sign up but so will you also have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions if you decide to join the community. Register and listen to the absolutely no-cost free live call this Tuesday 9th March at 5pm PST (or the recording which will be available afterwards if you can’t make the live call) where you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether this community is for you. I’ll definitely be listening in as even though the main aim of the call is to introduce new members to the format, new tools are being previewed for the first time and it will from past experience of other such free preview calls be as equally as valuable as the normal private paid for calls members get to experience.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback or pass on the word to your friends and contacts if you find value here!

Here’s the link gain access to the further information and to register for the free 45 minute call:

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Henry Tang – Therapeutic & Advanced Clinical Massage Practitioner (Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia)

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