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Healing With The Masters – This Program Blew Me Away…You Too?

A message and cordial invite from my friend Jennifer McLean for you to attend a teleseminar series that I’ve personally been attending for the past 2 years now and have learnt so much about health and healing from the numerous top experts who get gathered for each series season…

We are in changing times, can you feel it? Within these changing times are new opportunities to re-discover who you are and what you came here to do. I want to introduce you to a powerful FREE program that is guiding hundreds of thousands to do just that. Healing With The Masters Volume 6 is starting on September 7th, 2010 and it’s hosted by the remarkable healer and speaker in her own right, Jennifer McLean.


One important theme in the new energy paradigm we are all playing in is community. According to renowned cell biologist, Brice Lipton (The Biology of Belief), community is a natural and important step for our human evolution.

“When you break up the individuals from a community into individual units, they become disempowered because it’s the collective consciousness and the collective energy of the group from which power comes. The principal driving force that lies before us, is that we have to recognize the nature of community as the evolutionary step that we just took a step backwards from in the last century” ~ Bruce Lipton quoted from his recent appearance on Healing With The Masters

I would like to invite you to join Healing With The Masters, a life-empowering teleseminar that has also turned into a unique community of like-minded individuals. This group is fully committed to their own growth and the growth and evolution of the planet and her inhabitants.

In fact, Healing With The Masters has become the “go to” place to join with other participants and experience the leading speakers and authors guiding each of us to find the life, flow, peace, and joy that were meant for us. 24 committed speakers are lined up just for you… to guide you, love you, and help you to re-align with your dreams.

And Jennifer brings a sense of fun and lightness to many of the big life issues covered in the series, that allows all of us to find the “light” in “enlightenment. So if you want to have fun AND shift into a new you then register at no cost at all here:


Speakers include the best known and well regarded names in the human potential movement (many have even been regulars on Oprah) including:

· Gary Zukav – New York Times bestselling author of Seat of The Soul, Dancing Wu Li Masters and his powerful newest book Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power (amazing life changing info)

· Dan Millman – Pioneer in the spiritual movement with his popular bestselling book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior that lead to 13 books translated into 29 languages

· Reverend Michael Beckwith – founder of Agape Spiritual Community (one of the largest new thought communities), featured teacher in The Secret, author and minister.

· Caroline Myss – five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

· Neale Donald Walsch – author of the Conversations With God series. Neale, a regular on Healing with the Masters, always offers remarkable insights to applying these principles to everyday things.

· Chunyi Lin – an international qigong master (pronounced “chee gong”) and the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. This popular teacher is feature in a groundbreaking medical study on the effects of qigong on pain relief. This call alone could change your life.

· Carol Look – EFT master and specialist in pain relief and abundance, bestselling author and speaker you can also see Carol in the popular The Tapping Solution movie.

· Dee Wallace – Renowned actress best known for her role as the mother in the Spielberg movie ET, Dee is a profound healer and creator of the I~M System of Healing.

· Jo Dunning – You feel her before you hear her, called the “miracle worker” Jo brings healing energies that shift you in the moment just by listening.

This is just a sampling of the 24 speakers showing up just for you.

The series starts on September 7, 2010, so get ready for 24 evenings of insight and transformation. (But be sure to join now, so you can experience all the speakers.)

To take advantage of this invitation, to tap into the mentoring-in-the-moment of these healing masters, simply:

Step #1) Register for your NO COST life changing teleseminar seat here:


Step #2) Keep an eye out for Jennifer’s email with the details for listening in on the calls (dial in and webcasting to your computer is available. If you can’t make a date, there is a 48-hour replay available for each show!).

Step #3) Make sure you go to the download site mentioned in your confirmation email after you register. Jennifer has a couple of amazing healing-focused bonus gifts for you (meditations and sound healing audios) that you can use immediately just for enrolling in this completely free series.

So, take action right now and join this amazing wave of change, okay? Oh, and you are welcome to send this email to your friends and share the fun. There are many Healing With The Master Study Groups that have formed around this series… something you could do too.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this unique, consciousness-expanding opportunity.

Henry Tang.

P.S. ~ Remember, there are a limited number of virtual seats available for this absolutely free series, and they’re likely to fill up fast. Take action right now and join us while the opportunity is in front of you now.

P.S.S. ~ As a group we can all move together much faster with these 24 Healing Masters than each of us finding the way on our own. So, click the link, register, and get ready to shift.



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Stretching for every day muscle and joint health

Stretching is an important activity that helps to elongate the fibres of our muscles which in turn can prevent the fibres and other soft tissue structures surrounding them from dehydrating and stiffening up which would ultimately affect that muscles flexibility. Over the long term, stiffening up and over contracting of the fibres within a muscle can impede the flow of fresh blood and cause harmful metabolic waste chemicals to get trapped in the muscle tissues, this causes the stiffness and pain we feel as the end result.

Athletes and people who regularly do sporting, aerobic or body movement training activities all recognize the necessity and beneficial effects of stretching, thus they build in periods of stretching into their training schedules in order to accommodate this need.

Ballistic stretching is a generic name that I’m giving to any kind of stretching which involves repetitions in quick-fire succession and usually involves a lot of exertful force going past the comfortable range of movement. Ballistic therefore isn’t what the rest of this article is about. What the rest of this article is about and what has much higher therapeutic value in a rehabilitation or remedial context is the idea of focused stretching. Focused stretching is done with slowness and intent and (very importantly) involves breathing by receiving deep breaths in just before going into the stretch and breathing out slowly and fully whilst doing the stretch. If you’ve done any amount of work with a body awareness exercise system such tai-chi, qigong, palates or yoga (to name but a few) then you’ll be familiar with the idea of focused stretching.

Stretching is also a vital component of an effective remedial massage session as the fascia and filaments of muscle tissue which have already been passively worked on by the therapist will benefit from being re-aligned and stretched out properly by means of the client fully engaging the muscle that has just been worked on in active full range of movement. This is particularly important after trigger point worked has been carried out on a particular area, as there will be mis-aligned muscle fibres which will be facilitated back into a more healthy alignment by a good series of focused stretches to that muscle. The exact same thing can also be said after a session of indirect myofascial work.

From my own experience as a therapist, I would also say that there are good psychological reasons for the client to do a series of stretches after the necessary soft tissue manipulation work has been done on an area which has been an issue for the client, particularly where there has been a pain on movement or movement restriction challenge a stretch will prove to the client that things have improved! Have lost count of the number of times I’ve gently guided a client through a series of stretches and for them to be fully expecting the movement restriction or pain pattern to still be there, but instead for the situation to be improved to their surprise as they gingerly stretch out to the position where they are still expecting to fell pain or restriction. Once again, the importance of breathing into a focused stretched cannot be overemphasized enough, lots of anecdotal experiences available here once again, clients are always surprised how much further they can go when they breath out whilst going into the stretch instead of holding their breath whilst going into the stretch.

In the previous paragraph I was describing passive stretching i.e. whereby someone (a therapist in this case) assists and coordinates movement of the clients body in order to facilitate a stretch of the target muscle, this is done with client communication to indicate the comfort zone of the stretch as well the appropriate breathing taking place. It is possible for a client to come in for a session with me and for us to do nothing but passive stretching for the entire duration of an hour’s session. Active stretching on the other hand is the polar opposite category to passive stretching where the person doing the stretching does it to themselves with no actual physical assistance from anybody else around them, this is of course very useful to teach people so that they can do self stretching at home in-between session visits. A recommended series of stretching exercises is something I always give to my clients to do at home as this enhances the work we have already done during the session, helps maintain and prevent relapse and retrains the muscle physiology as well as the psyche of the individual into a new re-patterning of “this is now what’s possible” rather than unconsciously slipping back into the previous (less helpful) modus of operational possibility.

Another form of active stretching work that I like to use when appropriate in sessions with clients involves me applying an appropriate amount of pressure usually on or close to the attachment site of a muscle whilst the client very slowly and deliberately repeatedly performs an action with their body that will cause a focused gradual stretch of the whole of the muscle that we happen to be working on. This method of working is adapted from structural integration work (variously known also as postural re-alignment), which I’ve found to be very useful for clients who habitually just want to be in total control of their own bodies and find it very hard to relinquish any kind of passivity over to anything external or anyone that may be trying to assist them e.g. like going into a passive stretch.

There are many books on the subject of stretching, and no doubt if you’re already an active participant in sports, body exercise or movement therapy then you’ll probably already have all the books and other resources available at your finger tips already. If however you’re a complete beginner and need to start incorporating stretching in order to overcome the stiffness and bring back the suppleness into your daily life, something simple I highly recommend to anyone for the health benefits who isn’t already doing so, then this a great book for the lay person to dig into with good pictures, explanations and recommended stretching routines for before, during or after a particular every day activity such as using a computer, watching television, etc:

YouTube is another highly recommended resources for videos showing you how to stretch certain muscles and parts of your body, I’ve included an example selection on the YouTube video player widget which allows you to choose and play videos from a list of favorites over at my other website (ISCA Therapies)

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Henry Tang – Therapeutic & Advanced Clinical Massage Practitioner (Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia)

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