July 2010

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ISCA Therapies

July 2010 Newsletter

  • Join us, chat to us and have your taster session with us at the “Quest” Natural Health Show, Newton Abbot Racecourse on Friday 9th July 2010
  • Health & wellbeing local radio show
  • June’s lucky prize draw winner
  • Eco friendly products, information and services for you
  • Self help resources for suffers of lower back pain
  • Hi,

    Welcome to our July 2010 newsletter. We hope this juncture finds you fit and well and that you have been enjoying the brilliant consecutive days of warm pleasant sunshine recently!

    Meet us on Friday 9th July 2010 at Newton Abbot Racecourse

    Basalt Massage StonesWhy not come along to the south west’s largest annual natural health and wellbeing event this coming weekend?  “Quest” is being held at its usual venue, Newton Abbot Racecourse.  They’ll be on-site camping available, along with a whole plethra of stalls ranging from alternative and complementary therapies to try out, to arts and crafts, musical instruments, workshops, food and a live music stage.

    ISCA Therapies will be there for 1 day only on Friday 9th July 2010 providing 15 minute seated chair massage taster sessions for £10 a go.  We will be sharing a stand with our friends from Soundz Magic and The Oneness Experience, who will be there for the entire weekend as well.  Visit the Quest website for further details.

    Health & Wellbeing Radio Show

    I have recently joined the team of presenters on the “Wellbeing & Transition Show” which is a health, wellbeing and sustainable living magazine show that’s broadcast live every Wednesday afternoon from 12 noon – 2pm on Exeter’s Phonic FM radio station which broadcasts on 106.8 FM in the Exeter city area or you can listen on the internet through the “listen” link on the station’s main website at www.phonic.fm. The weekly “Wellbeing & Transition Show” covers a range of different topics each week with interesting guest speakers, interviews, phone-ins and other features mixed with a liberal sprinkling of feel good music and vibes. To see what’s coming up in future shows and to join in the conversation, why not pop along to the Wellbeing & Transition Show‘s Facebook page?  There is also an MP3 audio archive of all the previous week’s shows so that you can listen to them again and again at any time.  Look out for the yet to be uploaded archive of the show from 23rd June 2010 where I made my debut as a co-presenter – other guests and co-presenters on that show included a chiropractor, a nutrition and raw food expert, and a personal trainer who specializes in running boxing for fitness classes aimed at women.  I’ll next be the main presenter on the upcoming show on Wednesday 14th July, noon – 2pm, topics and guests TBA.  As always get in contact with me with suggestions and questions in order to get involved.

    Prize draw

    The winner of our inaugural prize draw for last month has been selected at random, notified of their winning and the prize is on its way in the post to them as we speak!  The prize this time was a copy of the book “The Secrets of Alexander Technique” by Robert MacDonald & Caro Ness.  If you haven’t heard from us by now, then sorry, it wasn’t you this time! We will of course now continue onwards with entries for July’s prize draw.  If you would like to be entered into the hat for July’s prize draw, please reply to this email briefly saying that you would like to be entered in for this month’s draw and I will of course oblige and confirm.  Every person who books an appointment with us for this month will have their name entered into the draw a further 3 times increasing their chances of winning plus qualification for a bonus prize should they get drawn out at the end of this month.

    Our Eco Friendly Partnership

    We have recently partnered up with Wikaniko who are an eco friendly retail business and website portal providing many useful and fun educational resources related to getting pro-active in small steps towards becoming more eco friendly and living a greener and as a subsequent consequence a healthier lifestyle to boot. You can also purchase from a wide selection of the company’s own branded eco friendly household cleaning products as well as health and beauty related products including organic cosmetics with totally naturally ingredient content. And as if all that wasn’t enough, you too can become a partner and gain commission on product sales, buy items at wholesale prices and sign up other partners into the scheme to spread the eco friendly learnings and messages.  A win-win and an ethical business that benefits everyone including the planet.  If you’re on Facebook and this interests you, join the Wikaniko Facebook Group page where I’ll be posting updates. I’ve ordered some biodegradable bin liners for myself to use as my first small step this week.  To find out more and to get involved visit the company’s website at www.wikaniko.ltd.uk

    Lower Back Pain, Self Help Resources

    There are many good sources and resources for self help material on the subject of lower back pain readily available on the internet. We have been compiling a series of articles focusing on the muscles involved in contributing to lower back pain from our wide experience, along with some great self help videos that we’ve found through some time honored research on YouTube with exercises that can help you release and condition those muscles back to health.  Ultimately, a personalized series of regular treatment sessions with us focusing on the relevant muscles and connective tissue structures involved in your particular scenario as well as perhaps some emotional stress release work will help accelerate your recovery in tandem with the recommended rehabilitation exercises.  The back pain resource page on our website will be updated periodically as new articles and resources get added when time allows, but for now click on the following webpage link to see what we have compiled for you so far over at www.isca-therapies.co.uk/backpain.html.

    That’s all for now folks…

    As always, if you ever have any comments, questions or suggestions as to how we can improve your experiences with us please feel free to get in contact with me personally.

    Book your complementary 20 minute phone consultation today if you’ve not yet had your initial appointment with us.

    Advanced booking for in person appointments is now highly recommended in order to guarantee the best and most convenient times to suit you.  Get in contact either by calling me on 07970 020204 or simply just by replying to this email.

    Till next time…  Namaste!



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