Open your mind to Natural Cancer Treatments [article by guest writer]

Today’s world is controlled by technology, medications you can’t pronounce, and the symbol of the “white coat” doctor. It seems that as time goes on people lose their connection with nature more and more. This should not be the case.
Nature’s interactions with the body surpass any doctor’s. Nature has been around since the dawn of time, way before any medical profession. Which makes me wonder why so many people are turned off to the idea of trying a natural therapy rather than undergoing a destructive procedure?
For example, being diagnosed with cancer is a life-altering experience. At that moment, when the doctor comes in and tells you the news, your whole life and future race before your eyes. Your heart starts racing, you start to stress, and a million emotions flood your brain. Then in a few days you start treatment, and it is scary at first. Nurses take your blood, doctors talk about radiation, chemotherapy, and many more unsettling words. And you listen and believe them. Why? Because this man/woman has white coat and you trust anything they say.


Let’s look at this in a different light. You get diagnosed with cancer. All those things previously stated happened, but this time instead of undergoing conventional treatment, you first go to a reiki master, an herbalist, a Nia-dance instructor, or to a masseuse. This sounds more relaxing, more enjoyable, right? This is because natural therapies are there to support and aid the body’s naturally healing process. The human body is a well-oiled machine and has been combating diseases for centuries; it knows what it’s doing.

Some might scoff at these statements but there are many clinical trials and studies that prove that natural therapies, either used alternatively or complimentary, aid the body in fighting cancer. And this isn’t just for one type of cancer. There are alternative treatments ranging from skin cancer to rarer forms, like mesothelioma or an adenoid cystic carcinoma. Not only are naturally therapies less stressful or invasive, but they improve and work with your body’s natural healing process. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, natural therapies don’t wear you down and are not poisonous. So why not go out and try something new. Enjoy life and cherish what your body has to offer.

The above article is entirely and wholly the opinion of our guest author, please address any specific concerns directly to the author (see contact details below) who kindly offered the above text as a contributory article on this blog
Allison Brooks

About the guest author…
My name is Allison Brooks and I am a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi. I earned my B.S. in Biomedical Anthropology and have continued my research to work towards a completed ethnography. I mainly focus on the effects of biomedicalization on different cultures and their use of natural therapies, but I do branch off into other fields of anthropology.


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Ever lost your keys…to life?

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“EVERYTHING is energy” – here’s a message from 2 of my personal mentors with whom I’ve been learning and training with in no cost as well as paid for immersion course programs over the past couple of years – they have a personal invite for you to a totally free teleseminar series where you can learn right there and then on the call how to instantly use on yourself some of the powerful self transformation tools I’ve been using just on myself initially as well as now with my own coaching clients in private practice; you’ll also begin to have your own personal experience that **everything** in this life literally is just energy vibration!  Read on…


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Dr. Mehmet Oz, probably the most famous medical doctor of our time has said,  “The Next Big Frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine.”

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Energy Transformation Coaching

Feeling stuck or in need of inspiration in order to get you moving on in a specific area of your life? Get unstuck and in rapport with real possibilities in 45 minutes or less! Book an Energy Transformation Coaching session or the exponential power of a series of sessions, there’s no substitute for experiencing this at first-hand for yourself!

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Looking for persons to be involved as clinical massage case studies or to receive occasional sessions (Exeter, UK only!)

I have just come back from Brighton after spending a couple of days up there at The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training attending the introductory module that marked the commencement of the 2nd part of a BTEC Level 6 professional diploma programme in sports and clinical massage ( ).  This is a post graduate qualification for already qualified massage therapist (i.e. those who have qualified to at least ITEC Level 3 standard).  The 1st part of the diploma which I completed at the end of last year consisted mainly of practical and hands-on technique modules for common musculoskeletal pain pathologies such as lower back lower, shoulder, neck, headaches (as just a few examples) which spanned a 12 month period, whilst this 2nd part of the programme will span 18 months and look further into orthopaedic assessment tests, injury and rehab exercises.  During the next 18 months I am required to give 200 hours worth of treatments, which equates to about 3 sessions (on 3 different people) every week between now and October 2012 (each treatment would therefore be a 1 hour session for each person each time).  If you are interested, I would love to hear from you, you could come in just for a one off taster, the occasional session as and when your schedule permits or a series of sessions, whatever suits you so long as you give enough notice for me to schedule in advance.  First come, first served!

In addition to the 200 hours of on-going sessions as described above which will only require an initial in-take consultation and then a signature from each recipient for each session received thereafter, I am also required to produce 6 case studies.  Each case study requires me to see the same person over a series of 4 consecutive sessions and so being case studies I’d also be required to conduct an initial consultation as well as a brief de-brief after each session which will go towards the write-up submission for each case study.  The case studies are required to be spread throughout the 18 month duration, so rather than than have all the case studies done all at once right now, I would be looking for just a single person to be a case study to be fitted within roughly 2 – 3 month blocks at a time.  As each case study will be treated 4 times on an on-going weekly basis, it is important to note that if you would like to be a case study that you can commitment to a series of 4 weekly treatment (i.e. for 1 whole month) during a particular time period that can be agreed between us.  Bearing in mind that I will be spreading these 6 case studies out between now and October 2012, if at any time between now and then you yourself or anyone you know that would suitable as a case study please do get in contact.

For both the case studies as well as occasional session recipients the main requirement in common to both is that you have some kind of muscle related or musculoskeletal pain condition that you would be wiling to receive clinical massage sessions for and provide honest feedback on.

I am very happy to answer any questions that you may have or give more detailed information about what’s involved before you commit yourself either by return email, phone or Skype.

Please pass on the information contained herein to anyone you think would be interested, provided that they live within commuting distance of Exeter (UK) of course.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Henry Tang.

Tel: 07970 020204
Skype: henryctang

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Important muscles involved in hand, wrist & arm pain – Part 1

There are many intricate muscles and soft tissue structures in the hand, wrist and arm which can cause various types of pain, numbness sensations, weakness, pins and needles or electric shock type of sensations when they become constricted, tight or dehydrated through physical over use or misuse, bad posture, accidents, old injuries (such as high velocity neck impact or whiplash) and deep scar tissue, and/or combined with unremitting emotional stress.

2 muscles which I’d like to draw the reader’s particular special attention to in this article are the scalenes and pectroalis minor muscles.  These are 2 very important and relevant muscles which massage therapists who have been through advanced trainings in say for example clinical massage techniques will know how to treat efficiently and very specifically.  Both of these muscles are very much neglected in most general relaxation massage work.  The scalenes muscles are located in the base of the lower neck and attach to the first and second ribs, whilst the pectoralis minor muscles covers the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rib in the region of the front upper chest.  Both muscles although located respectively in the neck and upper shoulder region are often highly relevant in hand, wrist and arm pain pathologies, one of the main reasons behind this is that the brachial nerve plexus and its subsequent other  sub branching nerves serving the arm passes directly underneath both of these muscles so any tightness in either of these muscles is going to have a direct physical effect on creating nerve related aggravation in these regions.

[Trigger Point Pain Referral Pattern for Scalenes Muscle Group]

[Trigger Point Pain Referral Pattern for Pectoralis Minor Muscle]

Signs of nerve related impingement or over simulation can include pins and needles, intermittent shooting pains over a certain region (such as down the arm), electric shock type sensations, or areas of numbness.  Nerve impingement caused by the scalenes or pectoralis minor muscles can also cause the muscles and proprioception to misfire so causing symptoms of weakness or spasm in the arm, hand or wrist.  Symptoms of carpel tunnel or other repetitive strain injury type side effects can also be triggered or caused by soft tissue tension in these apparently unrelated areas further up and away from the hand, wrist and lower arm (but which you now know after having read this article and viewing the related videos are very much related).

Tightness in the scalenes muscles can cause tingling all the way down to the thumb and first fingers of the hand, whilst pectoralis minor tension cause refer tingling all the way down to the ring finger and little finger.  Constriction of the blood supply serving the arm from a tight pectoralis minor muscle can also cause feelings of coldness or lack of circulation to the fingers.

Habitual shallow breathing, particularly whereby the type of breathing only involves the use of the upper chest (rather than full deep belly breaths) is another potential cause of chronic tightness in the scalenes muscles.  Stress management through gradual build up practice of proper relaxing deep breathing is the perfect antidote.  Notice when you’re stressed or shallow breathing, be gentle and kind to yourself, congratulate yourself for noticing and just start by receiving 3 deep breaths in and out and build up that number over time, the idea is that over time it builds up to more of an unconscious habit rather than a conscious effort.

As with all these topic, there’s always so much that could be written or linked to, this is just what I could cobble together off the top of my head and without turning this into a fully blown dissertation as well as given the fact that I would like to go to bed in a moment (!!), but if you want to know more or have any suggestions I would be glad to receive your feedback as always and compile a part 2 or further subsequent parts as a follow on to this particular article as the demand unfolds.

Be well! 🙂


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2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 21 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 23 posts. There were 34 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about 3 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was December 9th with 145 views. The most popular post that day was Freeing up the shoulder and opening up the rib cage!.

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Important Muscles Involved in Lower Back Pain – Part 2 : Psoas June 2010


Resolving back pain through spinal manipulation July 2010

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Self Treatment of Muscular Pain with Heat or Cold

There are many effective natural self treatments for common ailments which can be readily be found in most households without the need for popping into a local pharmacy.  In fact, there are many of these natural types of remedies which were in common use and remain as effective (if not more so but without side effects or overdosing issues) as any modern commercially available alternative, it’s just that most of us have grown up with the modern equivalent not knowing that there was nothing wrong with the natural alternative from yesteryear – just asking your grandparents should be proof enough of this!

One such natural remedy is the use of moist heat or cold for muscular and soft tissue aches and pains.  There is clear distinction of when heat should be used and when cold should be used, sometimes a alternating or contrast bathing procedure maybe followed, but the important thing to remember is that heat should not be used on any swollen area or an acute injury – an acute injury is one that has occurred within the past 48 hours.

So starting off with the use of heat for chronic muscular pain.  The best type and source of heat for soft tissue related pain is usually moist heat and this can be easily sourced from a hot damp flannel held in the area of pain in order to sooth it.  The heat also encourages increased blood flow into the area which brings in with it new nutrients to replace the pain causing toxic stagnated blood that can build up and get trapped in over tense muscles and soft tissues.  The temperature of the damp flannel should be hot enough to produce a deeply penetrating and soothing effect, but obviously without causing scolding. Ways of achieving this can be as simple as pouring boiling hot water over a flannel in bowl and leaving it to soak for a little bit, or placing a cold damp flannel inside a polythene bag and popping it into the microwave for just a few seconds.  Apply the hot damp flannel in the required places and hold it there still or dab and move it around occasionally as you feel it necessary occasionally for between 5 to 10 minutes.  Do this 3 times a day; morning, noon and night over a week period and see how you go.  If you find that by doing this that the pain decreases over time carry on beyond the week and as often as necessary, but if things don’t get any better at all it would be wise to seek medical attention before the week is up.

Many people are familiar with the use of cold ice packs (or more usually supermarket packs of frozen vegetables such as peas) as first aid in the case of acute injuries of muscles, tendons or ligaments.  So, in the first 48 hours it can be very beneficial to the healing process to apply a source of icy coldness to an injured area in order to alleviate pain.  Ice is also very beneficial for any type of swelling (whether acute or chronic) as the cold encourages the blood vessels to contract and thus squeeze out excess fluid that might be causing swelling.  When using ice cubes as the source of cold during a treatment, keep them moving and circulating around the affected area for between 5 to 7 minutes or until the area turns a rosey pink colour, then leave to rest.  Carry on with this method of ice application as necessary throughout your day in order to reduce pain and swelling.  If an affected area is quite large, the use of water frozen into a paper cup may be more effective, just peel back the sides in order to expose the ice and hold the cup from the base, this keeps the fingers that are holding the cup from getting damp and numb but also enables a longer lasting application of ice to a larger surface area.  Consider having these paper cups of frozen ice ready in your freezer as a standby!

It is also sometimes effective to contrast bath an area, starting off with 5-7 minutes of cold work as described in the paragraph above, followed immediately by 5-7 minutes of moist heat as previously described, then going back to cold for 5-7 minutes once again and then ending with heat again for 5-7 minutes.  This causes a pumping and flushing action to be set-up as the blood vessels are encouraged to contract and squeeze out blood and toxins during the cold phase, whilst the heat phase encourages fresh blood to flow back in and fresh nutrients to be made available to cells and tissues as the blood vessels are encouraged to open back up.  Contrast bathing is ideal for sub-acute pain, this is where the 48 hour or so duration of acute injury has passed by but where some swelling might still exist.  Sometimes, certain injuries lapse into sub-acute from being chronic, once again, contrast bathing as described here is ideal for encouraging beneficial flushing actions of the blood circulation to the troubled area and ultimately this will have a beneficial effect and act as a naturally effective method of pain management.

The appropriate use of heat and cold (as well as contrast bathing) as partially described here are just a small part of a repertoire of highly effective soft tissue pain management and pain resolution techniques that are used as an integrated part of a typical clinical massage session.  Specially sourced volcanic basalt stones are used instead or as an alternative to the hot damp flannels and ice cubes; these stones which once heated or cooled retain a stable temperature for between 20 to 30 minutes which allow these sources of heat or cold to be used for longer and more effectively without needing to re-heat or re-cool allowing for more deeply penetrating effects.

For more information on clinical massage and further self care articles, subscribe to this blog (top left hand side of this page).  If you live in or near Exeter (UK), contact Henry at ISCA Therapies ( on for your no obligation consultation or to book your clinical massage appointment series which will effectively put you back in charge of your own pain.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this article, I would warmly welcome your feedback below or via email.  Be well!

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